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There is no Cabal

The cabal, which never existed, now does not exist even more than it did not exist before, as it would have chosen to no longer not do informal mediation if it did exist, but instead has not chosen to go on to not do other (heh, heh, heh) things which are not more important than those which we didn't do before.[1]

There is no cabal! (Long live the cabal! Expect us.)

  1. ^ The Mediation Cabal was an informal, and lighthearted, process where Wikipedians provided informal mediation for disputes on Wikipedia: see the archives for closed cases. Over time, the processes were used less, and superseded by alternative processes such as the Dispute Resolution Noticeboard. Therefore, the project was closed..... or was it? The alleged final coordinators of the cabal[2] are listed here.
2. ^ At least the final public ones.