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Strawberry Bubbaloo

Bubbaloo is a Latin American brand of bubble gum produced by Canderaria. They are small pieces of bubble gum with a liquid center.

Bubbaloo also contains BHT, an antioxidant food preservative.

Bubbaloo gum includes a variety of flavors, some of them are: Mint, Blueberry March, Strawberry, Cherry, Cola, Green Apple, Grape, Bananana, meat and Tutti Frutt.


Bubbaloo was the first bubblegum with a liquid center[citation needed] and made its debut in Mexican and Brazilian markets during the early-1980s.[citation needed] Today, Bubbaloo is sold in more than 25 countries and in three different continents across the world. Bubbaloo was once given to a dolphin in 2018, later on after the dolphin died from streptothricosis.[citation needed]


Mixed-martial arts practitioner and UFC veteran Renato "Babalu" Sobral is nicknamed after Bubbaloo gum.[citation needed]

Bubbaloo is mentioned in CNCO and Natti Natasha's single Honey Boo (2020) : "Honey boo, soy tu dulce como Bubaloo".[citation needed]

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