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MGO VFSO "Dynamo"
MGO Dynamo logo.png
Full nameMoscow City Organization of the All-Russian Physical Culture and Sports Society "Dynamo"
(MGO VFSO "Dynamo")
Russian: Московская городская организация Всероссийского физкультурно-спортивного oбщества «Динамо»
(МГО ВФСО «Динамо»)
Founded18 April 1923, Moscow
Based inCoat of Arms of Moscow.svg Moscow, Russia Russia
Colors    Blue, White
PresidentVladimir Strzhalkovskiy

MGO VFSO "Dynamo" (Russian: МГО ВФСО «Динамо»), commonly known as Dynamo Moscow (Russian: Динамо Москва) is a Russian leading sports club based in Moscow. Founded by Felix Dzerzhinsky on 18 April 1923, Dynamo Moscow was the first institution created from the All-Union Dynamo Sports Club and the only one still connected to the old Dynamo society.

As an outgrowth of itself being one of the largest multi-sports clubs in Russia, Dynamo Moscow had constantly developed numerous elite athletes. Among them, multiple Olympic medalists fencer Galina Gorokhova and gymnast Mikhail Voronin, Ballon d'Or winner the "Black Spider" Lev Yashin, 3-time ice hockey Gold medalist in Winter Olympics Vitaly Davydov, and one of the most decorated in rhythmic gymnastic, Alina Kabaeva.

Since December 2019, the Dynamo Society is headed by the FSB two-star general Anatoly Gulevsky.[1]


Sport Teams
Football FC Dynamo Moscow formed in 1923.
Ice hockey HC Dynamo Moscow formed in 1946.
Basketball BC Dynamo Moscow formed in 1923, dissolved in 2016.
WBC Dynamo Moscow formed in 1923.
Volleyball VC Dynamo Moscow formed in 1926.
WVC Dynamo Moscow formed in 1926.
Water Polo WPC Dynamo Moscow formed in 1923.
Futsal MFK Dinamo Moskva formed in 2002.
Beach soccer PFK Dynamo Moscow formed in 2012.
Rugby RC Dynamo Moscow formed in 1933.
Bandy Dynamo Moscow Bandy Club formed in 1923.
Swimming Dynamo Moscow (swimming) formed in 2010.
Fencing Dynamo Moscow (fencing) formed in 1923.
Rowing Dynamo Moscow (rowing) formed in 1928.
Modern pentathlon Dynamo Moscow (Modern pentathlon)
Gymnastics Dynamo Moscow (gymnastics) formed in 1974.
Martial arts Dynamo Moscow (martial arts)
Shooting Dynamo Moscow (shooting sport) formed in 1923.
Cycling Dynamo Moscow (cycling)

Notable athletes gallery[edit]


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