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Yep, CyberRax... let's start out with this: there are atleast *two* different people on iNet who use that alias spelled/written exactly like this. The first is a German LAN player (seems to be a rather active person), the second is a lazy bastard from Estonia. As you might have guessed this page here belongs to the second guy. I joined Wikipedia on May 24th 2005, around 3 or so in the morning, enhancing the entry for HijackThis. The rest, as they say, is history...

Summary of myself:

  • native language's Estonian, thus my writings most likely will include errors in spelling and in the structure of sentences
  • as already said I tend to be too lazy for my own good, so full length articles most likely will never bear my name, I'd rather stick to creating stubs and enhancements existing articles
  • interested in and has some experience/knowledge with/of many things: the DOS family of operating systems, malware and its removal, cryptography, movies, C-- and assembly languages
  • in generally a rather quiet person who doesn't give much reason for noticing (that goes both for my handles and IRL)