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  • Can link Earth's atmosphere: ...cause asteroids are large enough to survive passage through Earth's atmosphere and strike Earth largely intact while the smaller meteoroid... (link to section)
  • Can link spectral classification: ...n a new taxonomic system for asteroids and as a result, the spectral classification has stuck.... (link to section)
  • Can link computer programs: ...n Marsden]] of the [[Minor Planet Center]]. Dr. Marsden has computer programs that compute whether an apparition tied together previous a... (link to section)
  • Can link LINEAR system: ...ard Association]] * The [[Asiago-DLR Asteroid Survey]] The LINEAR system alone has discovered over 40,500 asteroids as of [[May]], [... (link to section)
  • Can link space travel: ...roid detection. ==Asteroid exploration== Until the age of space travel, asteroids were merely pinpricks of light in even the large... (link to section)
  • Can link close-up: ...nd their shapes and terrain remained a mystery. The first close-up photographs of asteroid-like objects were taken in [[1971]]... (link to section)
  • Can link title character: ...]]'', a [[1943]] novel by [[Antoine de Saint-Exupéry]], the title character lives on an asteroid. The [[asteroid moon]] [[Petit-Prince ... (link to section)
  • Can link short stories: ...d after the character. *'[[Catch that Rabbit]]', one of the short stories in [[Isaac Asimov]]'s collection ''[[I, Robot]]'' ([[1950]]... (link to section)
  • Can link Space Station: ...a rogue asteroid hurtles toward Earth. The astronauts leave Space Station Gamma 3 and place bombs on the asteroid, finding it inhabit... (link to section)
  • Can link space suit: ...nately for everyone some of the slime was carried back on a space suit and soon evolves into tentacled creatures! See the review: ... (link to section)
  • Can link board game:]. The movie inspired the classic board game ''[[Awful Green Things from Outer Space]]''.... (link to section)