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INI may refer to:


  • INI file, a configuration file for computer applications
  • Impact Nominal Index, a computer system to track and trace individuals during criminal investigations



  • Ini Dima-Okojie, Nigerian actress
  • Nyuserre Ini, pharaoh of the 5th Dynasty of Egypt, during the 25th century BCE, Old Kingdom
  • Qakare Ini, pretender to the Egyptian throne during the 11th or 12th Dynasty
  • Merhotepre Ini, pharaoh of the 13th Dynasty of Egypt during the Second Intermediate Period, c. 1675 BC
  • Mershepsesre Ini II, pharaoh of the late 13th Dynasty of Egypt during the Second Intermediate Period, c. 1650 BC
  • Menkheperre Ini, a king of the 23rd Dynasty of Egypt ruling over Thebes, during the Third Intermediate Period in the 8th century BC
  • King Ini of Wessex, more commonly called Ine of Wessex




  • According to Rastafari philosophy, "I-N-I" a.k.a."I-and-I" is the personification of one who lives by Rastafari ideals, or specifically how one chooses to view himself or herself.
  • Ini (Stephen King), a term for an inter-dimensional portal in two books by author Stephen King, Desperation and The Regulators
  • Institute of National Importance (INI), a status that may be conferred to a higher education institution in India by an act of parliament.

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