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I feel like we probably want to find some way to point editors to Taxobox_Usage right from the main article or edit page. We can certainly make a template linking to the Taxobox_Usage page and add it to article talk pages, but I feel like for important help like this it's good to have something right on the article page too, in case notes on talk are overlooked. I have some suggestions that I've prototyped here:

  1. We could just put a link to Taxobox_Usage in the main article. This is not optimal, since we'd like to keep these details hidden from non-editors, but it's not unprecedented. See the subject box for Train. See the small note at the bottom of the taxobox. The help message is in the table caption tag and I think pretty unobtrusive. I thought using the external link made it more clear that this is not a link for general wikipedia readers to follow, but this is not the standard meaning of the external link symbol, so see what you think.
  2. We could put a message for editors in HTML comments on the article page. To standardize this a bit, we could agree on an HTML message like <!-- TaxoboxHelp: Please see for help building taxoboxes -->, for example, and put it in a template. Using the {{subst:blah}} construction would put this message in the edit page where it might help some people.

I don't consider either solution optimal, but both are better than doing nothing, and maybe someone else will be inspired to a better idea. --Chinasaur 17:31, 30 Aug 2004 (UTC)